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Exclusive Vienna Sightseeing Tours for Travellers 

You could compare sightseeing in Vienna, Austria to walking through a wood of wonders, landmarks of history, culture, art, music, and architecture that you would like to explore for hours and days and weeks, but where you also can get lost - in the best meaning of that word. 


There is a myriad of guide books, websites, and other stuff but most of them talk more or less about the same sights and locations - and can’t take into account your personal preferences and travel situation. When you are in Vienna, the probability is high that you are faced with ugly and time-consuming tourist sightseeing buses, way overcrowded tours and long lines in front of the locations mentioned in all guides (not to mention tourist trap restaurants and concerts).

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Make the Most of Your Journey with Our Local Guides in Vienna

You can look up everything on the internet, buy expensive books - but in the end, the questions remain – 


  • Where should I book my accommodation in the first place to optimize my stay

  • What would be the best to do in this city of 1000 possibilities?

  • What am I really interested in?

  • How do I use my time in Vienna wisely?

  • What do I do in which order taking into consideration

  • The season when I’m visiting

  • Possible (music-) events that are only available on certain days

  • Opening / operating times of exhibitions

  • Tourist crowds (Vienna is flooded by over 7 Mio per year)

  • The (upcoming) weather situation

  • Travel times from place to place

We are your local experts in Vienna to guide you through the “sightseeing wonderland labyrinth” of Vienna, always focusing on your personal circumstances, preferences and stress-free implementation. No matter if you stay for 3 hours, three days or three weeks, Vienna for Friends will create your personal roadmap that takes all of this into account. 


No matter if you want to roam around on your own or if you want to be guided personally all along (or a mixture of both), please get back to us via our contact form and let us know about your personal preferences and priorities. We would love to give you the best possible experience in Vienna, enjoyable sightseeing tours and unforgettable moments because we love to make friends and we love Vienna.

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