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About Us

We as a family have lived, worked and traveled in many countries, and have been guests in many different cultures. It was always a special treat for us when our hosts showed us the best and most important places of interest. Here in Vienna our house was open to guests from all over the world and we have learned what visitors to Vienna appreciate and how we can make the best and most out of their time here. We were encouraged more than one time to offer this hospitality on a professional basis and here we are - looking forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary city.


How To

  • Please fill out our basic Contact Form to give us a rough idea of how your Vienna visit should look like

  • We will get back to you with a more detailed questionnaire about your interests and preferences

  • Based on this information we will plan and organize your visit, taking into consideration the weather forecast, special events, opening times, and other criteria

  • Upon arrival, we will pick you up and introduce you to Vienna and your itinerary

  • Depending on your preferences we will guide and - if applicable and desired - drive you around

  • We will drop you off at the point of departure when you leave

IMPORTANT: No matter which service plan you choose, you can contact us anytime via telephone, WhatsApp, e-mail, etc. and we will be are at your service 24/7


IMPORTANT: You can change your mind anytime and we will do our best to rearrange your itinerary and cancel, add or change activities (time permitting)


Save Time and Money

Start with saving when we pick you up from the airport and drive you around without extra costs. Maybe you will use the excellent Viennese public transport with the prepaid tickets we provide you to avoid losing time and money at the ticket machine. Trust us - we can find the right accommodation for you with the comfort level you expect, the best pricing and - very important - a good strategic position to be your home-base with easy and short access to your places of interest. And these are just a few ways we can put your resources to best use.


The Right Place at the Right Time

Millions of tourists visit Vienna each year, and sometimes the old city center can give the impression that all of them have come at the same time. Your itinerary avoids the rush-hours and takes into account your personal life rhythm. We show you places that are not mentioned in any guide or specialties that only take place at a certain point in time depending on the season. At times it is difficult to get tickets for the high-level music performances Vienna is known for, but we will make an opera-, musical- or concert performance a highlight of your visit to the world capital of classical music. Which of the multitude of well-known Museums or exhibitions should you visit and what are their opening times? Do not worry - we'll get you to the right place at the right time.


Come as You Are

Come with your partner, your friend/s, your family, your dog (or all of them) or on your own (we will be your family) and we will find the right locations and activities for you. Vienna offers a multitude of playgrounds, fun-for-kids-places, dog walking areas, recreational possibilities and things to enjoy for every age and area of interest. No matter if you are an indoor-exhibition-music-museum-person or an outdoor-architecture-nature-sports-individualist or a combination of these, you will find all of these things in abundance in Vienna, from hiking through rolling hills and lush green to world-famous art, music, and architecture.

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