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Vienna at Festival Season

Vienna is an amazing city, an energetic metropole in the middle of Europe and at the pulse of time. And when the season comes, the Inner City/Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and some other areas of the city change into a beautiful and romantic Christmas dream. Over 20 Christmas markets at the most unique historic locations and the specially designed street light decorations create an atmosphere that hardly anyone can resist being in Austria, Vienna. 


Every Christmas market has its own focus and character, but everywhere you will find original Austrian handicrafts, delicate Christmas decorations, locally handmade wood - and textile products of the highest quality and food and drinks that are only available in Austria, Vienna.


From Mid of November to the Beginning of January

No matter how long you stay in Vienna around Festival Time, Vienna for Friends will facilitate your personal experience that brings you to the important sights regarding culture, architecture and the 2000 year history of Vienna in and around the Old Town - combined with the amazing atmosphere of the mesmerizing Viennese Christmas markets around Christmas Time and Turn of the Year from mid of November until the beginning of January.


Locals enjoy visiting the markets for a mug of hot punch with colleagues after work, or to do some gift shopping with friends. Stay and celebrate the New Year together with locals and guests from many countries on the Old Towns special "Silvester Path" - a track through the Inner City dotted with music stages and kiosks which offer food and special drinks - both hot and cold....


ice skate through a park full of lighted trees

Immerse yourself in the magic of old narrow streets filled with light and indescribable smells, experience how it feels to go ice-skating through a park full of artistically enlightened trees, enjoy the taste of culinary art, warm bakery and inspiring drinks that bring you directly into Christmas mood.

Vienna for Friends takes care of you, creates a flexible itinerary and guides you through this experience from arrival to departure, personally or with a roadmap that allows you to roam around on your own. This is just one of our services which are included when you let us create a personal itinerary for your visit to celebrate Festival Time in Vienna, Austria. 

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