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Public Transport System in Vienna That Makes Travel Convenient

vienna, the home for nearly two million plus 7.5 million guests every year, has one of the best developed public transportation systems in the world, so you can reach practically all places safely and inexpensively. The backbone of this network is the subway (U-Bahn) with 5 lines (the 6th is under construction), 83km lengths and 98 stations. Other means of public transport in Vienna are the tram, buses, and the Schnellbahn (“Fast Train”) which covers longer distances and destinations in the surrounding region of Lower Austria including the Vienna International Airport. 


The Airport can also easily be reached with the “CAT” (City Airport Train) and several bus lines which leave from important transport hubs including the Vienna Main Station and the UN organizations located on the north riverbank of Vienna.

one of the services of Vienna for Friends is, to give you advice on how to make the best use of this efficient public transportation network and move through Vienna in an environmentally friendly way. So if you let us create a personal itinerary for your visit to Vienna we will also take into consideration, how to get from A to B and in which order you attend your locations, events, and activities. 

Trust a local guide for an exceptional experience. 

Getting Around Vienna by Public Transport

another important question we will cover is what kind of tickets you should get and where to get them so that you don’t lose time and money right at the start of your visit to Vienna. This way you don’t have to use a taxi or car (except you have a lot of luggage), save a lot of money and contribute to the (already very high) air quality in Vienna.


If you plan to use public transport more than one or two times, it is probably most efficient to get a 1-, 2- or 3-day ticket that covers all means of public transport in Vienna. Other options include one-week tickets (valid Mon-Sun) or an 8 days ticket which is valid on eight individual days. 

tienna for Friends can also prepare your public transport tickets in advance so that you have your ticket the moment you arrive in Vienna and there are no issues in arrival and departure timing. There are also tickets that combine transportation with free entrance or reduction at several venues like exhibitions and museums etc. but the question is whether the planned visit program justifies the significantly higher price - we can also advise you at this point.


If you prefer not to use public transportation, Vienna for Friends has another environmentally friendly alternative: With the Vienna for Friends VIP Service, we use a TESLA full-electric vehicle to chauffeur you through Vienna in Austria and to all the destinations you may want to visit.

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