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Guiding Locally and personally

Instead of handing out heavy brochures and big maps from tourist information offices, Vienna for Friends takes a different approach: We talk to our potential guests and find out, what they are really interested in, create their personal itinerary and take care of our visitors individually - from their arrival to their departure. 

We do this by guiding them personally or - if they want to be on their own - by delivering a detailed roadmap with all the tourist information they need, including the 24/7 Vienna for Friends support details so that they can stay in contact day and night in case they need anything - when a medical or other issue arises, a change in their itinerary or where to find something they want to purchase spontaneously.


Tourist or Guest?

Tourism is booming in Vienna with 15,510,000 overnight stays and 7,097,000 arrivals but it makes a big difference if you are a "tourist" or if you come as our guest. So it's our first priority to guide you through the 1001 options and possibilities you will find here. Vienna has a 2000 year history full of interesting and dramatic stories, was - and still is - home to a wealth of world-famous artists, musicians, and architects, had for centuries been the capital of the huge Austrian-Hungarian empire and all this shaped and shapes this metropolis in the center of Europe we can experience today. 

It’s a challenge we love - to inform our guests that come to Vienna about all the Museums, Exhibitions, historical sites, architectural landmarks, high-class music performances etc. so that they can enjoy the Vienna experience they are expecting.


Which Is Your Favorite Season?

Another important aspect of the individual service offered by Vienna for Friends is taking into account the season (e.g. regarding Christmas Markets or Summer Festivals) the specific day (e.g. for special music performances or other interesting events), the weather situation (we can look ahead about 9 days) or any special request that would not be taken care of by any "regular" tourist information office.

VIENNA FOR FRIENDS also looks over the borders of Vienna - we can easily weave in an excursion to many highlights that Austria is famous for e.g. Salzburg or the Wachau (Danube river valley close to Vienna - best traveled by ship), Hallstadt and the Salzkammergut or one of the 10 other UNESCO world heritage sites in Austria.

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