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Vienna - a City for Water Lovers

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

We have a Portuguese Waterdog called Lina (who embarrassingly needed two years before she dared to swim). Still, today she enjoys it as you can see in the little video - which was shot not far from the center of Vienna, a few minutes away from the U2 subway station.

Austria is a landlocked country but is blessed with beautiful rivers and lakes - and Vienna is no exception. More than 50% of Vienna are green nature, and 5% are water areas, which are easy to reach and ideal for sports and recreation. E.g., Danube Island is 21km long, accessible by three subway lines and exclusively reserved for hiking, running, biking beach volleyball, and water sports. At the "New Danube," close to the UN Buildings (yes - Vienna is a UN city) and in many other places, you can find restaurants and bars at the water - including beach feeling and impressive sunsets.

When Lina was sipping water from the "Old Danube" today - a lake with drinking water quality in Vienna - she reminded me of another interesting fact for water lovers: In Vienna, high-quality drinking water (for humans ;-) ) comes from alpine mountain ranges of 2000m altitude and is used without any processing. Probably another reason why Vienna was voted "Best City to Live in" worldwide for several years now...

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