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VIP Luxury Service

You are a professional, a business person, a luxury traveler and want the best possible Vienna experience including a local expert guide and a chauffeur with a TESLA limousine.

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Services Details 


Vienna Visit Details Evaluation

Based on a simple questionnaire we strive to understand what you are expecting from your time in Vienna so that we can create the best-personalized itinerary for you depending on your preferences, the duration, and nature of your visit.


Creation of Itinerary 

Your itinerary is handcrafted personally and individually based on every single piece of information you give us, mixed with our experience and taking into account the season when you visit. It can be rearranged anytime if time and circumstances allow. You can come for the famous Christmas markets, the "Wiener Festwochen" (music & art festival in late spring), for a special concert or art exhibition that is only taking place here in Vienna at this point in time - or just when it is convenient for you: We will find the highlights of the season and make your stay special - guaranteed.


Accommodation Suggestions

Depending on your wishes and areas of interest we suggest appropriate accommodation options in Vienna. Important criteria for this selection process are not only quality and price but also where it is located in Vienna and if your preferred activities are easily accessible so that you don't lose too much time with traveling.

Activities Reservation/Booking

For some of your activities, we would make reservations or buy tickets in advance. Besides the fact that activities could be fully booked the advantage would be that you don't have to worry about tickets and/or get a better price.

Evening Events Considerations

We can help to find the right concert/opera/music/theatre performances etc. for you and it often will be necessary to buy tickets in advance. We know most of the performance locations and how to get good seats at a reasonable price. VERY IMPORTANT: NEVER BUY TICKETS AT THE STREET VENDORS IN COSTUMES HERE IN VIENNA OR ON A TOURIST TICKETING PLATFORM. These "concerts" are low-quality tourist traps and actually a shame for a city of music like Vienna.

Food, Drink & Restaurants Advice

Vienna features a virtually endless selection of restaurants and places to eat and drink. From MICHELINE Star restaurants to the typical Viennese "Würstelstand" (Sausage Booth), from a variety of international restaurants from all over the world to the typical Viennese "Heurigen" (wine tavern) you can find every kind of food or drink you can imagine. So we will try our best to guide you through the Viennese gourmet - jungle and meet your taste.

Pickup at Arrival & Drop at Departure

We pick you up, wherever you arrive and drop you at the end of your visit wherever you leave. We can also pick you up from Bratislava Airport which is not far and sometimes it is cheaper to fly there than to Vienna directly. From Vienna airport, it is also quite easy to travel via public transport with a local train, bus or CAT (City Airport Train).

Vienna Introduction

After picking you up (or later if you are tired from traveling) we give you a free introduction to Vienna with an overview tour featuring the most important locations. This can take one or two hours or more - you say it - we love to talk about Vienna, take time to show you around or have a drink together - there's no "office hours" limitation as long as you are our guest/s.

Chauffeur Service with TESLA Limousine

We chauffeur you around, but this is according to your preferences and if applicable as some of the locations will probably not be accessible by car. And sometimes it can be more practically or simply faster to go with the highly efficient Viennese public transport - and this way you may experience views and scenarios that will immerse you even more in the atmosphere of the city.

Day Trips with TESLA Limousine

Vienna is surrounded by unique historical, cultural and geographic attractions, including world cultural heritage sites that can easily be visited within a day. Day trips to these locations are included in our service and here, you can save really big, as this kind of excursions normally cost from EUR 100, - (per person) if booked extra.


Public Transport TIcket

Public transport in Vienna is one of the best in comparable cities in the world, especially the five subway lines (the sixth is under construction) are highly efficient and create a fast connection even between widely separated districts. A ticket for the duration of your stay and for all public transport (subway, bus, tram, train) is included so you don't have to worry about standing confused in front of a ticket machine.

Personal Guide

You have the choice to be guided around or to follow the steps in your personal itinerary on your own - or a mixture of both. This probably depends on the nature of your Vienna trip - e.g. whether you come as a business person who has only a few hours to spare, as a larger group or family, or as a couple on honeymoon who probably would not want a third person around all the time...

Photo/Video Service

Selfies can be a fun thing but included in our VIP Service is the shooting of high-quality images of your time in Vienna (photos and/or video) with professional equipment and delivery of the raw materials via download. Photo- and video postproduction are offered according to your needs on an international standard - please ask for a quotation.

24/7 Support & Guidance

During the times when we do not personally accompany you, you can contact us anytime, e.g. by phone or via WhatsApp. If you need a doctor, are looking for a particular business, have lost your way or simply want to change your plans, we are here to take care of you - day and night.



+43 664 101 2323